Discovery Days are hands-on learning days that coincide with a specific academic unit the students are learning about in class. These days are an important part of each student’s learning opportunities, as they provide the opportunity for students to actively participate in their education. These days encourage curiosity and exploration and help firmly embed the learning objectives in each child’s mind. Studies have shown that a child’s active participation and interaction with their learning leads to increased academic success. It is our hope these days not only aid in learning, but that they become a favorite memory for each child.

Another way The King’s Academy seeks to encourage curiosity and discovery is through yearly Field Trips. Field Trips give students in 4K and above opportunities to reinforce their learning outside of the formal classroom setting. Exposure to new environments not only helps to build a student’s social confidence, it gives the classroom a shared experience to enhance their engagement with the curriculum and increase learning retention.

Discovery Days:

  • Transportation Day
  • Olympics Day
  • Mother’s Day Tea
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Math is a Big Deal
  • Science Made Fun
  • Black History Wax Museum
  • Community Helpers Day
  • Christmas Around the World
  • Western Day

Field Trips:

  • Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens Texas
  • Discovery Gardens Butterfly Museum
  • Dallas Zoo
  • Dallas Children’s Theater
  • Perot Museum
  • Dallas Aquarium
  • Equest
  • The Gift of Christmas (Prestonwood Baptist Church)