Technology is introduced as a natural part of the learning environment beginning in PreK and will evolve as a continuing source of learning. An effective digital learning environment must include general proficiency, academic skill development, information retrieval, and enrichment. A constant cycle of planning, implementing, and reassessing the curriculum will ensure that students at The King’s Academy will be able to fully utilize technology as a learning tool.


This class will focus on instructional art. Students will experience art through a wide range of mediums. Students will focus on the elements of art such as color, texture, line, shape, value, form, and spacing. Each student will create his/her own artistic masterpiece using the elements of art.


Students will learn basic principles such as melody, tempo, rhythm, and dynamics using primarily drums and piano. Students will have fun discovering the basic principles of music and exploring a variety of musical styles.


This class is designed to familiarize students with the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. Students will be taught how to recognize and produce Spanish characters and basic phrases.


This class will focus on increasing gross motor skills while engaging in active play. Students will participate in a variety of cooperative and competitive games. Developing Christ-like sportsmanship is a focus.