We believe that a quality education is one that is Christ-centered and challenges students to reach their full potential. The King’s Academy is proud to offer our students a variety of extracurricular opportunities to further round out their Kingdom education and to develop their God-given gifts so they may be able to serve their communities with those very gifts and talents.

Flag Football, Soccer, and Basketball

Flag Football is available to students in 1st grade and above, and Soccer and Basketball are available to all students, in partnership with Park South YMCA. Students compete as a team with other local youth teams. In addition to physical fitness, TKA students learn team skills, sportsmanship, and the reward of diligent work.

Piano and Drum Lessons

Students kindergarten and above are offered music lessons to help develop their skills on a particular instrument and to reinforce the concepts they learn in their music curriculum. Piano students have the opportunity to compete in the ACSI Piano Competition and all students perform for an audience at a yearly recital. Learning and performing these skills helps students build creativity and confidence in their God-given talents.

Academic Competitions

TKA students in 1st grade and above compete in several academic competitions throughout the year! Students competing in Speech Meet cultivate skills that will contribute to effective leadership and ministry in their futures, the ACSI Speech Meet helps students develop techniques to speak audibly, articulately, expressively, and with confidence in an audience situation. Similarly, ACSI Spelling Bee encourages proper and confident communication by developing good spelling habits and the awareness of accurate usage of words and vocabulary.