The King’s Academy will offer an exemplary education that is Bible-based, Christ-centered and challenges students to reach their full potential. Growth and development in the previously mentioned areas (spiritual, social/emotional, intellectual, physical) will be taught and encouraged throughout The King’s Academy curriculum. Each of the following disciplines are taught and tested at age and developmentally appropriate level.

Rather than exclusively using curriculum materials published by religious publishers, selections are made from both secular and Christian publications. Teachers do not assume that all their textbooks will necessarily reflect a Christian worldview; therefore, they use the occasional differences of opinion as an opportunity to teach students discernment. TKA believes that students should read critically, evaluating what is read considering Biblical convictions. Furthermore, since TKA believes the Bible is inerrant regardless of the topic addressed, Biblical truth should be integrated into the study of all subject areas if a child is to develop intellectually and acquire sound values.


Students will be taught in several areas of language arts including literacy, speaking, listening, and visual representation with foundational instruction on phonics, penmanship, spelling, grammar, and composition. Students will subsequently be assessed on their comprehension skills and their ability to use written and oral language effectively. Topics will familiarize students with various types of literature and will also include other subject areas such as art, science, and social studies as well as subject areas that naturally interest the child. As students develop in these Language Arts subjects, they will increase their capacity to understand the message in God’s Word and be able to communicate it to others more effectively.


Science will be incorporated into the classroom education as students use books, videos, and classroom discussions to explore areas of biology, environmental science, meteorology, astronomy, and zoology. It is the purpose of the TKA Science Curriculum to help students develop deep respect, appreciation, and attitudes of good stewardship for all of God’s creation. Since science is the systematic study of nature, based on observations, students will be encouraged to use a scientific method to solve problems and discover truths about the living and nonliving things of the universe– God’s creation. TKA students will develop a sense of responsibility in caring for self and others as they realize to what extent God values his creation and human life.


The King’s Academy believes in the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible. As God’s Word, we believe the Bible to be true and trustworthy; therefore, we believe that it deserves a place in the classroom as an integral core subject, while also providing content integration across other disciplines. The objectives of The King’s Academy Bible Curriculum are to assist students in understanding Biblical Truths, to assist students with Christian character development, and to train students to skillfully handle and use the Word of God. Doctrine, character qualities, and skills will be integrated and applied through presentations of significant Scripture selections. Bible content will be introduced sequentially using a variety of methods throughout every grade level. The curriculum will provide a framework for practical applications of God’s Word in real-life situations. TKA students will use the Word of God daily and be encouraged to become life-long learners of the Bible.


Mathematics will be taught during designated teaching times, and throughout the day as students are encouraged to recognize patterns and problems in daily activities. Students will be assisted in learning mathematical concepts sequentially from the concrete to the abstract using manipulatives, concrete objects, group activities, individual work, drill, and written practice assignments. Areas of mathematics will focus on numeration, number sense, basic calculation, measurement, geometry and spatial reasoning, and pattern recognition. TKA students will discover that mathematics reflects God’s character and as such is based on unchanging principles, universal application, orderly design, systematic structure, precision, dependability and infinitude.


Our students will explore a new area of social studies each week that are aimed at increasing their understanding of history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, and culture which are built on biblical principles. The curriculum will assist students in developing a Christian world view and discernment as they analyze reasons for and the results of historical events and examine how God continually demonstrates his provision for mankind throughout the ages. Students will develop a love, concern, and an appreciation for others as they become aware of the various regions and cultures of the world that God has created.