At TKA we like to set aside time to celebrate with family and friends. Throughout the year we have several opportunities for engagement with Parents, Grandparents, Donors, and Friends.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is a special time honoring those that have gone before us and those that care for our TKA students in ways that only grandparents can! We like to recognize the years of love and familial cultivation that our TKA Grandparents have dedicated to their families and, in particular, the ways they help our students succeed academically, emotionally, and spiritually!

Christmas Partner Day

At Christmas Partner Day, student get to spend time with the TKA Partners that make their education possible! This is a time of celebration for God’s faithfulness through these tuition sponsors where students and partners get to fellowship, participate in fun activities, and enjoy the Christmas season together!

Math is a big deal

Math is a Big Deal is day where students, parents, and families get to enjoy math-related games and activities together! Not only is it a time full of fun and laughter, it builds math skills in the students that help them succeed academically and gives parents skills to help their student(s) with math at home.


We are blessed to have generous TKA Partners who sponsor our students’ annual tuition making Kingdom education possible for children and families in South Dallas. At our annual Spring Partner Day celebration students meet their partners and fellowship with them over lunch and reading books together.